March 6, 2020

Ignite! Redevelopment 2:15  -  3:45 Ignite! Redevelopment Salon A/B

Ignite! Redevelopment

Allen Kratz
Bill Linder
Brad Molotsky
Emily Jabbour
Jack Paruta
Julia Fahl
Kathleen Foley
Michael Staton
Neil Chambers
Robert Beckelman
Steven Mlenak
Tai Cooper

Back by popular demand, this red-hot session will feature a series of 20-slides-in-five-minutes presentations on interesting and offbeat topics related to redevelopment.
This collection of rapid-fire presentations will present a wide variety of topics in redevelopment, sparking ideas and inspiration.

Ignite! Redevelopment

Presentation topics include:

  • Landscape Design for Redevelopment Success
  • Understanding New Jersey’s New Land Bank Law
  • Opportunity Zones: Are they real opportunity zones or fool’s gold?
  • Wave of Redevelopment Transforms Long Branch Oceanfront
  • Sea Level Rise: Who Pays and How!?
  • Pathways to Progress in Perth Amboy
  • Stop, collaborate and listen!
  • Partnerships, Products, and Perseverance: Refinancing and Preserving Affordable Senior Housing
  • Reducing Landfills Through Cooperative Reuse
  • Community Development: Getting Buy-In by Reaching Out
  • Adaptive Reuse: New Lives for Old Buildings

Planning and Development track sponsor: New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Session Category :  Planning and Development