March 6, 2020

Ignite! Redevelopment 2:15  -  3:45 Ignite! Redevelopment Salon A/B

Ignite! Redevelopment

Alan Miller
Allen Kratz
Brad Molotsky
Emily Jabbour
Jack Paruta
Julia Fahl
Kathleen Foley
Robert Beckelman
Steven Mlenak
Tai Cooper

Back by popular demand, this red-hot session will feature a series of 20-slides-in-five-minutes presentations on interesting and offbeat topics related to redevelopment.
This collection of rapid-fire presentations will present a wide variety of topics in redevelopment, sparking ideas and inspiration.

Ignite! Redevelopment

Presentation topics include:

Planning and Development track sponsor: New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Session Category :  Planning and Development