Michele Adams
Founder & Principal
Sean Agid
Partnership Catalyst
Leslie A Anderson
President & Chief Executive Officer
Gary Brune
Policy Manager
Garlen Capita
Senior Associate/Urban Designer
Janna Chernetz
Deputy Director & Director, New Jersey Policy
Annisia Cialone
Director, Department of Housing, Economic Development and Commerce
Tai Cooper
Vice President, Policy & Communications
Elena Cromeyer
Project Director, Transforming Communities Initiative
Brian Dewey
Co-Founder & CEO
Ed DiFiglia
Program Manager
Danielle Esser, PP, AICP
Director of Governance and Strategic Initiatives
Julia Fahl
Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Tonio Burgos and Associates
Kathleen Foley
Compliance Investigator and Field Quality Assurance Coordinator
Eleni Giannikopoulos
Client Manager/Project Coordinator
Aisha Glover
President and Chief Executive Officer
Charles Heydt
Associate Director, Planning Services
Adrienne Hollis
Senior Climate Justice & Health Scientist
Karim Hutson
Founder & Managing Member
Andy Kricun
Senior Fellow, US Water Alliance
Lance B. Landgraf, Jr
Commissioner of Public Works and Construction
Walter Lane
Director of Planning
Gabriel Mahon
Chief, Bureau of Nonpoint Source Pollution
Lauren Otis
Executive Director
Jack Paruta
Senior Project Architect
Barkha Patel
Director of Transportation Planning
Kandyce Perry
Planning and Policy Manager
Director of Government and Public Affairs
Peter Rose
Managing Director, Community Enterprises
Emily Schwening
Deputy Director, Thriving Communities
Chris Sturm
Managing Director, Policy and Water
Terborg Patrick
Founder and Managing Member
Niek Veraart
Senior Vice President & National Lead - Planning